Astana – the Capital of Kazakhstan

The history of Akmolinsk starts from the year of 1830, when the fortress with this name was established in the area of Karautkel by the Russian Empire. By the end of the  XIX-th century it had become a district with the population of about 10,000. There were 3 churches, 5 schools and colleges and 3 factories.
Later Akmolinsk was developed as a large railway junction. During the Great Patriotic War (1941 – 1945) a lot of industrial enterprises were evacuated there. They marked the beginning of the industrial stage in the development of the city. In 1992 the city was returned its former name – Akmola. But in 1998 with the transfer of the capital from Alma-Aty to Akmola, the city got a new symbolic name – Astana. This decision was promoted by economic, ecological and geographical expediency.
Astana is all in scaffolds. Construction goes on all round the city. Astana is the city of great construction projects. In 1999 it was awarded the prize “Cities – for peace” by the international organization UNESCO. It is the admission of the unique experience in developing the new capital of Kazakhstan.
There appeared a number of interesting monuments and sightseeings in Astana. The symbol of the capital and the country, of the nation, peace and life is the monument Astana - Bayterek.                Some old historical buildings were reconstructed. In two fine wooden houses built at the beginning of the XX-th century the museum of Saken Seyfullin is housed. Nowadays Astana is becoming the international, business and cultural centre of not only Kazakhstan, but of the Eurasian continent as a whole.

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